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Debt Agreements

Is a Debt Agreement right for you?

Have you lost your job, experienced a family crisis or an unexpected health issue?  Are you finding your overall debt situation too difficult to keep track of and hard to manage.  Has this resulted in you being unable to manage your debt payments?  Are you receiving unwelcome and harassing calls from your creditors?  If this is your situation then you’re not alone.

For some people a debt agreement might be the answer.

Debt AgreementsA debt agreement (or Part 9 Debt Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors to repay an amount of your debts.  The amount that you agree to pay is often less than what you currently owe.  Our debt negotiators are trained to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and will get you the best deal possible.

Many of our customers come to us because we have a track record of getting our clients a really good deal.  We can do the same for you.

I reached a point where I thought my only option was bankruptcy. The agreement Andrew negotiated on my behalf reduced my repayments enough that I can now pay off my debt monthly. What’s also good is that I am paying no interest so my costs aren’t going up.


Melbourne, VIC

If you were to enter into a debt agreement, we would:

  • Immediately stop your creditors from calling you and ask them to deal with us only.  No more harassing calls!
  • Freeze your interest charges – this will immediately stop your situation from getting worse.
  • Arrange one easy monthly payment to pay off all your debts.  This makes your life so much easier!

It’s important to be aware Debt agreements are legally binding on you and your creditors and are supported by Government legislation.  Once you have paid off the amount agreed, your creditors can’t chase you for any more money.

Do you qualify?

A Debt Agreement only applies to unsecured debts such as credit card, store cards, medical bills, general household bills and some personal loans.  There are some eligibility limits that apply to debt agreements.  These limits apply to income and assets and the level of your debt and they are set by government index.  Also you must not have been bankrupt or had a debt agreement for the last 10 years.  If you are wondering whether you are eligible to enter into a debt agreement, you can call our debt experts who will have all the information you need to be able to make a decision.

How to Get Started.

The professional and understanding people at Xdebt are available to help take the pressure off you by helping you determine whether a debt agreement is right for you and importantly managing the debt agreement process for you.

To find out if a debt agreement or perhaps some other solution is right for you either call us or Request a Callback by clicking the button below.