Learn More About Xdebt

Learn More About Xdebt

Debt can destroy lives.  Xdebt frees Australians from that burden.

When you experience debt to the extent that you just can't cope anymore, you know how it impacts on your life.  It takes all the fun out of life, destroys relationships and hurts innocent people.  We exist to help people overcome the burden of debt and to position themselves for financial freedom.

Xdebt is a national debt services company based in Queensland. It was established to provide support for Australian's who are struggling to get their lives back from debt.

Most of our clients are ordinary Australians who, for one reason or another, are struggling to meet their financial commitments.  For some it's the loss of a job, high credit card interest charges or unexpected health issues.  Whatever the reason, we're committed to helping get your life back on track.​

Why Would You Choose to Partner With Us?

There are three attributes of the services we provide that differentiate us from other debt services providers:

1. We Care

Easily said but not easily done.  Everything we do is aimed at helping you find the best solution for your situation.  Everyone on our team is on your side.

2. We Don't Judge

Maybe it was something unexpected that happened to you.  Maybe you made some bad decisions.  Whatever the reason, we won't judge you; only help!

3. Our Solutions Work

The solutions we offer are innovative and they really make a difference to our customers' lives.  We encourage you to put us to the test and see how good we really are.

Our Principles

One of the first activities we undertook in forming our team was to agree the principles that would drive everything we do.  We also use these to recruit staff who already share these values. This is what they are:

  • We'll earn our customers' trust by communicating openly and honestly while maintaining      customer confidentiality,
  • We will act ethically and be compliant with the law,
  • We will be empathetic, respectful and non-judgmental - it's not our place to judge, it's our duty to help,
  • We will be innovative - to design customer solutions that make a real difference, and
  • We will have fun because we all need a little enjoyment in our lives.

It's our goal to live by these principles in everything we do every day.  We will strive to learn from our mistakes and we will stay the course with our customers.

What Happens when You Choose Us as Your Trusted Partner?

When you first make contact with us, you'll talk to one of our highly experienced debt consultants.  You'll notice how friendly they are straight away and you'll feel like a valued client.

Many of our clients tell us that they feel a load lift off their shoulders after their free consultation.  That's because they know they have a realistic plan to be debt free and a partner who's working for their interests all the way.

Take Action and Make a Better Life For Yourself...

Don't do nothing!  The worst thing you can do is take no action.  Everyday you put off acting, your situation could be getting worse.  If you leave it too long, there may be no option other than bankruptcy.  So make a move today!

So what should I do?  Take the first step to financial freedom!

Get a Free Consultation now and one of our friendly Consultants because you owe it to yourself to have a better future.